Self Measurement Guide

How to "do it yourself" and get accurate measurement from the comfort of your own home.

Step 1 : Height 

Have someone place a measuring tape against the wall all the way to the floor. Take your shoes off, stand straight and look forward with your back against the tape measurement. The resulting measurement will be your height.

Step 2: Weight

Please be honest, Tux on Trux is a judgement free company! We really just want your tuxedo to fit like a glove. 


Step 3: Neck Measurement

Place the measuring tape around your neck at the level the collar would be buttoned. Record this measurement with an additional 1" added. For example a snug tape measurement of 15" you would report a 16" neck. 


Step 4: Sleeve Measurement

Turn around and have someone place a measuring tape at the center of your neck and guide it out over your shoulder and down the outer edge of your arm, stopping right around your wrist bone. This resulting length will be your sleeve length. 


Step 5: Over Arm Measurement

Stand up straight and place your arms to your side with your hands near your pockets. Have someone wrap a measuring tape around your arms following your nipple line. Once the tape measure is horizontal with the floor record the measurement of your over arms.

Step 6: Chest Measurement

Raise your arms as if you were riding a roller coaster, have someone wrap a measuring tape under your armpits following your nipple line. Once the tape measure is in position, lower your arms to your side. The resulting measurement will be your chest size.


Step 7: Waist Measurement

Have someone wrap a tape measure around your waist just below your navel. Be sure that the tape measure is not on your belt. This measurement will be your pant waist size.


Step 8: Hip Measurement

Have someone place a tape measure around your hip. Be sure to not have anything in your pockets that can cause this measurement to be inaccurate. This resulting length is your hip measurement. 


Step 9: Pant Outseam Measurement

Take off your shoes if you are wearing any and stand up straight. Have someone place a tape measure just below the top of your hip bone or just about where you place your pants. Run the tape down the outside of your leg to the floor. Subtract 1" from the resulting measurement to get the length of your outseam. For example a measurement of 40" you would record a length of 39" for your outseam. 



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